Frequently asked questions
Who are the coaches?
All of our Maths Coaches are university students studying mathematics. Many have teaching experience and intend to become maths teachers after graduation. Before they coach on Maths Coach Scotland, all Maths Coaches join the Disclosure Scotland PVG scheme and undergo training.

Can you give help in other subjects outside of maths?
For now, we only deal with mathematics. In Sweden, “The Swedish Coach” is a similar platform where all students learning Swedish as a second language in Stockholm can get support. Our vision is to eventually be able to provide all students with free access to chat support in every subject.

Can I ask anything?
You can ask anything related to mathematics.

How do you make money?
We don’t! Maths Coach Scotland is not about making money. We aim to provide you with the maths help you need so you can improve your understanding. We are financed by the collaborators and companies whose logos are displayed on our platform. Their funding and support enables us to give you free maths help by educated coaches.
What do you chat about?
Our Maths Coaches chat about anything to do with mathematics. It may be a specific maths problem that you’re stuck with, such as finding the equation of a circle or integrating a trigonometric function. You can also ask questions about a whole chapter or topic that you need some extra help to understand.

Why use instant messaging?
Using instant messaging to coach allows the flexibility to provide help whenever and wherever you need it and also gives you the possibility to chat with our Maths Coaches anonymously.

Does it work on PC, Mac, iPad, mobile etc?
Yes. Maths Coach Online should work on any device with a modern web browser. However, your user experience may not be the best if your screen is small (e.g. on a mobile).

What is the cost?
Maths Coach Scotland is completely free of charge for students.

It is not working for me!
Please contact us and describe your problem – we will try to help you!